Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sewing project!

In January, Louanne (MIL) helped me sew a new baby carrier out of a table cloth I got on clearance at Target!

One of the best weekends!

After Christmas, dad rented a lodge at a state park called Twin Lakes for a couple of days.

We had so much fun and the whole family(just about) was able to come for at least part of the stay.

There was no internet/tv so the time was well spent crocheting, playing games, reading, hiking, eating and cooking yummy foods etc. it was FANTASTIC!!

Definitely one of my favorite weekends of the year :) I'm so glad that we were able to go for the entirety of the stay and hope that we do something like it again this year :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Too long...

It's been well over two months since my last post and so much has happened! Therefore, since so much has happened, I don't feel as guilty about not posting since then :)

In November, Isaiah turned one! What a great day that was back in 2012 when we welcomed him into our tiny little family. Life couldn't be better! He is such an active little guy and is ALWAYS babbling on about something. His jabbering is very precise and clear tho-just wish I could know what he was saying :)

He can say words like "ball", "wow", "woah", "no" etc... He can also sign "more", "please", "milk", "water", "all done", " thank you"...It's simply adorable :)

He is running around like a wild man and has been since 9 months! He keeps me on my toes and by the end of the day I am quite exhausted :).

Brandon is in school full time again this semester and is hoping to apply and be accepted into the nursing program at the local community college this year! We are praying that happens so he can hopefully get a job!

With Brandon being in school full time he spends a lot of his down time studying and Isaiah and I spend it at home keeping up with the house, washing diapers, making bread and tortillas, reading books, exercising, doing dishes etc. with all of that going on, ( :) ) my blog has obviously been neglected ;)

I haven't been keeping up with photography too much lately but I did my sisters engagement photos and will be doing her bridals  in April! 

Well, I am planning on doing a few more posts after this one, so be on the look out!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And the winner is....

Commenter number 13!! Dawn Hughes! Yay for free shutterfly!

Thank you to everyone who participated! :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shutterfly Cards AND a $50 givewaway to Shutterfly!

Can you believe that its already that time of year to make your holiday cards and get them in the mail?? I can't, but with the predicted snow forecasted for tonight and tomorrow I am slowly starting to believe it.

I've been browsing Shutterfly lately to try and decide which card I want to use, and the choice is SO hard!
Their collection this year is bigger and better! Check out their 2013 collection here! They have some new stuff this year including:

 New card design styles for 2013 - 5x7 folded tri fold & back of card designs
o   Classic: Traditional colors, iconic illustrations, aspirational sentiments, snowflakes, monogram
o   Contemporary: trend forward colors, texture and layering, water color techniques, shine, glitter, Instagram pictures are perfect for this style
o   Whimsy: humor and nostalgia meet, fun sentiments
o   Merry and Bright: all about color and having fun
o   Religious: metallic type treatments, incorporated story ideas
o   Photo Basics: multiple colors, vertical type, family name highlights

Pretty cool, huh? 

While I love the tri-fold cards, I really do love just a plain design.

I love the monogrammed style!
Or the styles that just have one big picture! (or several! :) )

But then, I come back to the tri-fold cards-they are just so cool!

I do think this one is my favorite one though!
 (with this one, they have a couple different versions. SO cute!!)

So go check out all their awesome cards! You won't regret it! And, while you're there, check out their other photo gifts they have! I've got my eyes on some cool canvas prints like this one.

I've never made a canvas print before-so that's on my list. 

Shutterfly is also having a Twitter Party :) So those of you who have twitter-check it out.  Twitter Party #PhotosYouLove on November 15 at 8 PM ET for Shutterfly with @ResourcefulMom. 

Now, onto the part you've all been waiting for, I am sure! :) The GIVEAWAY!

It's simple too, all you have to do is comment on this post telling me what your favorite holiday card was when you went out to Shutterfly's holiday card section. And once you've done that, you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 credit towards Shutterfly, and it includes FREE shipping! So, comment away and share with your friends!!
You have until November 27th to enter!

*disclosure-I am receiving a credit to Shutterfly for writing this review but my opinions are totally my will just help me order the cards I intended on making anyway!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Isaiah and his best friend!

Azariah and Isaiah are about 3 1/2 months apart in age but they are so similar in build/look and they have SO much fun together!
(Even in jail!!)
I watch Azariah every once in a while and he is my favorite kid to watch so far. He and Isaiah play the ENTIRE time so quietly and well together! It's fantastic. And I can get stuff done around the house :)

His momma, Bethany, and I love to get together and go on walks or go running whenever we can. The boys are such troopers and do so well while we explore!
We are so thankful for Bethany and Azariah and I pray that their friendship grows over the years!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wearing my baby

Back in October was International Babywearing Week. The purpose was basically for making more people aware of the benefits of wearing your baby. Plus-it's becoming a very "trendy" thing to do-but that's not why I enjoy wearing Isaiah.
A while back, I think even before Isaiah was born, I came across an article called the 4th trimester and how important it is for babies to be close to their mommies for quite awhile after arriving earthside. I mean-they did just spend the last 9 almost 10 months snuggled inside your belly! So of course their need to be held constantly in your warm arms is important.

I really got into the whole baby carrier thing after Isaiah was here. I started off with a moby wrap and an infantino. (Had an ergo baby carrier-but Isaiah couldn't fit into it til later) Since then, my knowledge on different carriers has grown and my awareness for "ergonomic" carriers has expounded. For which I am thankful for. Carriers like the infantino and baby bjorn are not ideal for babies especially when facing forward.
It can cause hip displacia because of the narrow seat of the carrier. It doesn't evenly distribute the baby's weight or properly position the legs which could lead to problems if worn for long periods of time; for baby and for mommy! It's not comfortable for the mom!
(Not putting anyone down! Just so you know! A worn baby-doesn't exactly matter how, is a good thing :))

(Even stuffed animals like to be worn by cute little boys :) )

I am by no means trying to be preachy! Sometimes the babies NEED to face forward because that's all that will make them happy :) Been there!

But let me tell you-I've loved discovering all the different baby carriers that are out there. I could easily spend hundreds of dollars on them (and people do! Crazy!!) but it's just not practical :)  Plus, carriers and babywearing can be addicting. Just like cloth diapering :)

Right now I own an ergo, a moby ( which is only good for small babies-they "out grow" it around 15 pounds and is not safe for back carries), a ring sling and a woven wrap( which is good from infancy to toddlerhood! And is safe for back carries :) )
I love all of them!

Back to my original post tho! International babywearing week came around and my local babywearing group had a contest for a scavenger hunt. There were 25 different things to do while babywearing and you were to get photos while doing them.

I actually won and got several great prizes! We had a fun time trying to get as many of these accomplished as possible :)
(I know...I'm such a nerd!!)

This was basically just a post to tell you how much I love wearing my baby close to me. Isaiah loves being worn and calms down almost instantly most times AND you can do things hands free. Win!!
We even got to check off the "babywear near and alpaca" :D

So there you go. Go wear your baby. I promise you that you will love it and so will your baby:)